This is our standard price list of tanning services.  We are usually offering specials. Stop in to inquire about special packages being offered.          

                                       Tanning Services Menu (tax included in all pricing)

                                                                 Single Session  Pricing

                                             Level I Bed                                          $12.00

                                     Level II Bed                                         $14.00

                                     Level III Bed                                        $16.00   

                                                      Package Pricing

                                                                                                   Level I,  Level II,  Level III

                                    Pkg   4 Visits                                          $46.00,  $48.00, $50.00

                                    Pkg   8 Visits                                          $86.00,  $88.00, $90.00               

                                    Pkg 10 Visits                                          $90.00, $94.00, $99.00

                                    Unlimited Monthly                                  $59.00, $69.00, $89.00

***All Packages are non-refundable and non-transferable and expire 6 months from date of purchase.  Monthly unlimited term is 30 consecutive days of tanning.

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